The Internet is currently in a debate about toast... So we're gonna settle the score.

What's in a slice? No matter which direction the knife falls, it's still considered bread right? I might even be wrong in that statement... according to the Internet. Social media has now taken it upon themselves to determine the proper way to slice a piece of toast.

To me, just slather some butter on it and call it a day.

However, some people prefer a slice... in a specific direction. It all started with a tweet from an organized student night at Sheffiel Hallam University in England as they prep for a charity event called Hallamnation. Each year the event raises money for a children's hospital and toast is on the menu. For every donation, a piece of toast is rewarded. They were simply asking which way students preferred their toast to be cut.

Then the Internet caught hold of it. So now we pose the question to you...

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