The Associated Press is reporting that the National Christmas Tree planted near the White House has died during a transplanting operation. It's now being removed after passing away from "transplant shock."

White House Christmas Tree

It was the Colorado blue spruce the President had retrieved during a covert operation conducted at a New Jersey tree farm last year.
We're not sure if Secret Service agents were "playing around" when the tree was planted just south of the White House in March 2011, and that's why it died of shock. It was either that or an Alabama Crimson Tide fan poisoned it.
This tree was a replacement for one that stood since 1978, but was blown down by Mother Nature in February of last year.
The Obama administration is taking credit and "spiking the football" by already identifying a Colorado blue spruce to replace the tree. They'll plant the new National Christmas Tree in October, just in time to be decorated for the holiday. Coincidence?
We're also wondering if "the brightest moon of the year" last night had anything to do with it, since whackos thought it would mean catastrophic events signaling the end of the world.
This could be another embarrassing situation for the Obama election campaign. We'll have to see if he "LEAVES" office.

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