Mayberry is one of the funniest sitcoms ever to hit television and its one of the most endearing. What makes it so special is that its all about family and its a clean show that offers a wholesome alternative to most TV programs nowadays.

So, who was your favorite character on the Mayberry television show?
There's Sheriff Andy Taylor, played by Andy Griffith, whom the entire show revolves around. And then there's his comical sidekick, the dorky, but hilarious Barney Fife, played by brilliant comedian Don Knotts.

In Andy's family, there's his one and only son, Opie Taylor, played by Ronnie Howard, and their Aunt Bea, played by Frances Bavier.

Other wonderful characters included gas station attendant Goober, played by George Lindsey. Gomer Pyle was another sidesplitting comedian played by Jim Nabors.

There was Andy's girlfriend, Helen Crump, played by Anita Corseaut, and Barney's girlfriend was Thelma Lou, played by Betty Lynn.
Those are all the main characters even though there were others who would guest star from time to time - the Darlings starred on some of the more unforgettable episodes.
My favorite character was Barney because he was always getting into trouble, and Andy remained his friend, and kept bailing him out.
That's what friends are for.