Do you remember the show Blossom? I do, and I remember having the biggest crush on Blossom's brother Joey. Joey Lawrence has not disappointed as he has turned out to be a very handsome man. Now he has decided to "expose the goods" join the Chippendale's for a run at the Rio in Las Vegas.Joey's stint with the male performers will run from June 7-24 where he promised to TMZ that he will sing, dance, and "the whole nine yards" wearing the signature bowtie and not much else.

I've already check and airfare on Alligent to Las Vegas from Shreveport is only about $120 per person.

Lawrence is not the only celebrity to perform with the Chippendale's. Former Bachelor star Jake Pavelka is among the celebrities to join the Chippendale's.

I have to wonder you think he'll do at least ONE routine to the Blossom theme song? THAT would be internet GOLD!


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