2020 looked promising for fast-food breakfast. In fact, many of us were eager for the Battle of Fast Food Breakfast. Wendy's launched their eagerly anticipated breakfast menu, Burger King stepped up their breakfast game, Taco Bell perfected their breakfast menu and we all stared at McDonald's waiting to see what their next crazy breakfast invention could be. I personally thought Wendy's would be the restaurant to resurrect everyone's love for or remind them about fast food breakfast. Then all of a sudden the pandemic hit.

COVID-19 has had many of us hunkered down, for 5 months now. They stay-at-home orders and social distancing have led us to working at home so of course, fast-food breakfast is not part of our morning routine. According to Business Insider, fast-food chains breakfast sales are continuing to plummet.

McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Dunkin’ reported that serving breakfast is continuing to bring down their numbers. Although sales are bouncing back during the lunch rush, fast food chains are losing money by opening up their businesses to serve breakfast. Will loyal customers return when they return to work? Or will working from home be the a permanent thing?

Panera's CEO Niren Chaudhary spoke with Kate Taylor from Business Insider and said “There’s not much recovery in the breakfast daypart right now. In terms of daypart, breakfast has dried up,” The Panera CEO added that the consumption of coffee is starting much later in the day. Unfortunately, the late consumption of coffee still isn't an encouragement for folks to purchase breakfast items.

Could restaurants like Wendy's and Taco Bell cut breakfast from their menus? If this downward trend continues, they will be forced to.


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