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I don't mean to "stir the pot," but this question came up on the show.  With as forward thinking as we are (or, should be) in terms of equality between men and women in every other facet of life, why aren't more women dropping down on one knee to ask the man of their dreams to marry them?

Before we start making protest signs and marching against the idea as an attack on traditional marriage - it's just a question.  Logically, if it's sexist to say "A woman's place is in the kitchen" (and, it totally is) - isn't it also sexist to say that it's a man's job to pop the big question?  Why is it the guy's responsibility alone to give up 2 months or more of hard earned salary for a ring in hopes that it impresses her enough to say yes?

The reason this hot-button topic came up in the first place is the new product-line rollout from Tiffany's.  This world-renowned jeweler has caused quite a stir by marketing their engagement rings for men.  These beautiful rings are adorned with a huge diamond solitaire just like the female version.

The report from the New York Post points out that the trend is mostly driven by gay men looking to propose to the love of their life - but it does do a good job of pointing out the inequality in weddings and the events that lead up to it for straight couples as well.

We've talked on many occasions about how it's fair for both parties to pay for dates, share in the household chores when living together, and so many other areas of life as a couple that should be equal.  We have also talked about equality in the workplace, especially when it comes to pay.  I think we can all agree that seeing more women as business, community, and political leaders is definitely a move in the right direction - so, why is dropping thousands of dollars and possibly getting that soul-crushing "No" a guy-exclusive experience?

Just so you know, I am happily married - so I'm not trying to get someone to pop the question.  Just trying to figure out why the line of equality stops when an expensive piece of jewelry is involved.  I mean, isn't he worth it?


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