This weekend I got to finally spend time with my mother. We spent the entire weekend together and it was awesome. We accidentally signed up for the Susan G Komen's Race For a Cure 5K thinking that it was a mile. There was a family reunion, and then finished the weekend off with seeing Snatched with Amy Shumer and Goldie Hawn.

Usually I am not a fan of Amy Shummer, but have always been a fan of Goldie! I wasn't even planning on seeing the movie, but my mother insisted that she wanted to see the movie. So we went.

I can honestly say that it is probably one of the best movies Amy Shummer has done. It was hilarious. This movie not only had its moment of mother-daughter reconnecting, but it related a lot to what was happening in my current life.

In the beginning Amy gets hit with a heavy break up, and tries to find someone to join her on a vac nation that is non-refundable. Her mother ends up going and through a series of unfortunate events that results in being kidnapped.

Throughout the movie they reconnect, which is what my mom and I are currently doing.