You know you have done it before. Don't try to hide it. Everyone has ugly cried at least twice this year alone, and there is nothing wrong with that. Don't feel ashamed! Ugly crying is actually really good for you and it is almost uncontrolable.

According to Dr. Oz and his website The Good Life, ugly crying is caused by blood vessels located in your face dilating so that they can push tears up into your ducts. In fact, there is an entire work of science behind the ugly cry. Check out the video below.

The ugly cry can often be referred to as a good cry. I have had several conversations about this with my coworkers about how sometimes when I go home and I feel like I need to get a good cry out I will watch extremely depressing movies (Steel Magnolia, The Fault in Our Stars, the first 15 minutes into UP). The reason I do this to myself is because I know that I will have a sense of my soul being cleansed after a good cry. I know that sounds crazy, but believe me it works. How? Well blame science.

Psych Central says that crying benefits you a lot more than more than you realize.

  1. Natural Stress Killer by killing toxins in the body that are created through stress.
  2. Tears falling down your face will kill up to 90% of germs.
  3. Lowers your manganese level (better mood)
  4. Crying is cathartic.

So let those tears go! Don't be ashamed- Embrace the ugly cry.



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