As an Air Force brat and as a result of leading a nomadic life in radio, I've lived all over the country, including particularly snow prone areas like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (K.I. Sawyer AND Kincheloe), Ohio, Iowa and even upstate New York!

Over the years, not only did I learn I never wanted to live anywhere I had to scoop snow again, I also picked up a few hacks to make life easier in snowy, icy weather.

Don't have an ice scraper? Your driver's license or a credit card are excellent substitutes!

Park your car with the windshield facing east, that way the ice will melt faster.

Use hand sanitizer to melt the ice off of door handles.

Has your car lost traction in the drive way? Did you end up in a spot you can't drive out of? Use kitty litter to get traction!

WD-40 will prevent your locks from freezing.

Raise up your windshield wipers before going to bed, that way they won't be frozen to the glass.


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