I know many people who love to use Walmart's grocery pickup. Order your food online, have someone else do the shopping and have an employee bring the groceries to your car. What's not to love?

Now Walmart has upped their game. They would like to deliver groceries to your home. If you are too busy to make it to the grocery store, no worries. A Walmart employee will deliver the groceries to your home and enter your home to put them away for you. Say what?

If we lived in a Norman Rockwell world this would be perfect. You would probably know the name of you delivery person and you would leave him some milk and cookies to say thank you.  Sadly, we do not live in a Norman Rockwell painting.

For some, Walmart has been a joke for years. The issue here is not Walmart; it is about having a stranger in your home. While you can watch the employee from the comfort of your smartphone, it is not the same as being there. Even if you were there, does your local Walmart employee need to know your address? I applaud Walmart for trying something new. They are competing against Amazon, they are going to have to do new things.

Personally, I do not think this is the way to go. I do not mind getting my own groceries, just please have more than two registers opened so I can quickly purchase them. Walmart's home delivery does not appeal to me. I want to know what you think. Is this just what you have been looking for or are you going to pass. Answer in the poll below.


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