It’s that nightmare time of year again, as the major networks announce their schedules, renewals and cancellations in a flurry of information. First up is FOX, who confirm that more X-Files will wait until midseason, but hedge their bets on the Legacy of 24, or another Prison Break.

Seeing as The X-Files Season 11 won’t start filming its ten episodes until summer, the series is indeed expected to premiere in early 2018, barring any major schedule changes. As for 24, FOX TV chair Gary Newman said in a conference call with reporters that Corey Hawkins’ schedule prevents them from making that decision outright, but they’re at least open to another season (via EW):

Legacy, we were so happy with the creative on that show, we think Corey Hawkins did a great job replacing Jack Bauer was no easy feat and he really stepped up on it … as you probably know Corey is on Broadway right now with Six Degrees of Separation … his schedule wouldn’t allow us to consider the show for the fall. It’s very much still in the mix, it’s another show we intend to talk about when we get back to Los Angeles with the showrunners.

Newman’s fellow FOX boss Dana Walden gave a similar shrug to more Prison Break, hoping to preserve its event series status:

We would definitely consider doing more episodes of Prison Break. I know they’re thinking about it. It’s definitely not something we want to do every season, we want to make it special. We actually love this season.

The network will no doubt have more announcements and clarifications in the coming week, but which of FOX’s revivals should get the speediest return?

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