Imagine walking into your gym to dominate your workout in Whataburger running shoes. Do you need constant motivation? Or perhaps a beautiful reminder of delicious cheeseburgers and honey buttered chicken biscuits to fuel your workout. Your trainer may be annoyed, but you'll be loving your new kicks.

The Whatastore, Whataburger's exclusive merchandise website, just rolled out new items that include running shoes, a bow tie, pillows, socks, a doormat and even a flag.

We have a co-worker that walks around the office with a Whataburger orange-and-white Yeti Tumbler. .We are all green with envy around the office, or should I say orange with envy. He even got the Whataburger Christmas Sweater, now we all know his secret and can one-up him with our Whataburger sneakers.

If you want to check out the complete Whatastore just click here.

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