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It's not too often that you can say, I helped change a life for the better today, but you can, just by going out for lunch! Literally!

The DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office has teamed up with the Bringing Joye Program and they are working together to help a local teen from Mansfield. Dillon Cotton is 16-years-old and he confined to a wheelchair. But Dillon has a zest for life and is only limited by his mobility. That's where you come in. They're raising money today to purchase Dillon a new Action TrackChair that is so versatile, it'll even allow Dillon to achieve a standing position that will let him reach shelves, etc... Just for a moment, imagine how hard it would be to have to wait for help from others just to open a kitchen cabinet. Doesn't sound like much fun, does it? I'm not joking when I say this new wheelchair will literally change Dillon Cotton's life... giving him the independence that every young man craves!

You can help make this dream come true today by stopping by the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office in Mansfield or one of the substations in either Logansport or Stonewall between 11 am and 1 pm. They will be selling BBQ chicken plates with all the fixings. Plates can be purchased on-site, or ahead of time by purchasing online.

Here's a big thank you to Sheriff Richardson and the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office and the Bringing Joye program for seeing this need and working to fill it. You've made this girl's heart happy today!

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