Back in May I became single. It is no lie that I was devastated, but I am embracing the single life now.

Beyonce Single Ladies

However, I just so happen to stumble upon something you can do to get over your ex very quickly. They are called 'man servants'. According to Broadly, Man Servants offer "a luxurious social experience, emotional support, and, of course, eye candy".

Get your mind out of the gutter! This isn't anything scandalous. Check out the video to get a good idea of what these guys do.

This is strictly emotional support!

The sad thing about this is that these services are currently only available in Los Angeles, New York, and Palm Springs. However, I will keep my fingers crossed that it will make its way to the SBC.

Oh! Did I mention that there are multiple types of Man Servants you can order?

BTW you can order a Man Servant for a friend! I kinda want to send one to my grandma...

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