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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, I think we have found our new "normal."  At least off the time being, that normal is reduced social interaction, frequent hand washing / sanitizing, and wearing a face mask.  At the top of the mask hierarchy you will find the coveted N95.

This king of all face coverings is coveted above all others for its extreme efficiency.  The "95" in the name refers to the fact that it blocks 95% of all particulate matter from entering the mask.  That's not all that separates the N95 from the stylish bandanna you are currently using to protect yourself and others, these top of the line masks also create a seal around your mouth and nose to complete the system that will ensure that you keep your germs to yourself.

As good as these masks are, they are wildly expensive - if you can even get them, and that's a pretty big if.  Currently, a box of 20 will cost you north of $100.  On top of that, the CDC says that these masks are only reusable in very specific circumstances.  Most of the country's supply of N95 masks has been reserved for healthcare and front-line workers who are at the highest risk, but even if you could get your hands on them - at this price point, doing your part could become prohibitively expensive.  Luckily, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has figured out how to adapt and overcome this little issue using your Instant Pot.

That's right, that handy little kitchen gadget that takes care of your pot roast, mashed potatoes, and even wine can help keep you safe and protect your wallet at the same time!  The DHS's science and technology department just released a video detailing how you can sanitize and reuse your N95 with the Instant Pot!  Wash your hands and check this out!

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