Dust off your membership cards because you can stay in the country's last standing Blockbuster store to host the ultimate '90s sleepover party night next month.

The nation's last standing Blockbuster store, which is located in Bend, Oregon, has built a "totally rad" '90s-style living room inside the store. In addition to the style, the living room is STOCKED with all that and a bag of chips. No literally, it has all of the snacks, candy, and VHS tapes you can enjoy, according to the store's Airbnb listing. 

Movie lovers will be invited to book one of three, one night stays inside the store. These will take place on 9/18, 9/19 and 9/20. Up to four people can stay each night. So use your beeper to round up your friends.

Even if you can't stay, you have to see these photos. More info is also available on the store's Airbnb listing. 

You Can Have a '90s Sleepover Inside the Last World's Last Standing Blockbuster Store

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