Your pet could be royalty for the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux's 21st annual Pet Parade!

So was your fur baby born to be royalty? Do they deserve to lead the largest pet parade in the entire country? Then you need to join Barkus and Meoux at Great Raft Brewing, fur baby in tow if you like, this Sunday, October 20, 2019, from 2 - 4 pm. How are the royalty determined? The old fashioned Louisiana way... by stuffing the ballot box!

Each vote costs $1... after that, it's all about luck! Spot could be Barkus and Meoux's next duke, prince or even king! Olive could be a prince, duchess or queen! If they win the title, they'll represent Barkus and Meoux at the annual pet parade and be lauded like the royals they are.

So what kind of animals can be royalty? Anything. You can bring your pet mouse named Harry for all they care.

Still interested? Start spreading the word that you're lovable fur baby is running for office on social media now and we'll see you Sunday!

You can find out more by visiting the Rock n' Royalty Reveal event page on Facebook, but here are some of the specifics:

Please join us at Great Raft Brewery on the 20th of October for our Rock n' Royalty Reveal. As animals are the true royalty of our krewe, we gather at this event to reveal and recognize the regal creatures selected for this honor. The event is pet-friendly and will feature a pet costume contest, photos taken by Unleashed Petography, drawings, and much more! Best of all, every dollar raised will go toward helping animals in need!

🐺🐷How does the Royalty Reveal work?🐱🐔

1. Select a pet you would like to potentially become royalty
2. Save/raise donations in support of your pet
3. Attend the Royalty Reveal and exchange donations accrued for
ballots ($1 a ballot)
4. Cheer on as pet names and titles are drawn at random!


Can any pet be royalty?
Any type of pet is eligible. We even had a chicken king in 2017!

How many ballots does it take to win?
It only takes one lucky ballot to win! Of course, the more ballots you have, the better the odds are.

Where does the money raised go?
To benefit animals in need including helping rescues, emergency assistance, spay and neuter programs, assistance with feral cats, and pet education.

How many pet names will be drawn?

There will be 10 spots available this year to include: two Princesses, two Princes, two Duchesses, two Dukes, a Queen, and a King!

What are the benefits of being pet royalty?

▪ Pet royalty will be awarded a complimentary spot in the pet parade (with a premium line-up position)

▪ The honor of being announced on stage at Jazz Brunch

▪ Pet Royalty Sash

▪ Professional Photoshoot

▪ Community Visits

▪ VIP Appearances

▪ May also include newspaper and television interviews

In our Krewe, animals are the real Royalty. We cannot wait to see the ten pets selected for this honor.

Meet my fur baby Cajun. He's the one pictured. He was prince during the 19th annual parade. He's a strapping young man, isn't he!

Now, for a bit of information on the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux!

Northwest Louisiana's Krewe of Barkus and Meoux is known as the 'animal' krewe, but they prefer to be called a 'cause with a krewe.'

Barkus and Meoux help area animals and their owners in multiple ways through their feral cat program, offering emergency assistance for vet bills, their low-cost spay and neuter program, funding and grants for area rescue programs and shelters and their fund for retired military working dogs. Over the last year, they've provided over $18,000 in assistance.

That's where you come in. The money for these programs doesn't appear out of thin air. The Krewe of Barkus and Meoux hosts events throughout the year to gather the needed funding. This Sunday's Pet Royalty Raffle is one of those events!

Bristol's husband, King Ambassador of the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux XX and Prince Cajun XIX
Keith Woods, King Ambassador of the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux XX and Prince Cajun XIX

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