If you took your recycling bin to the curb late last night or this morning, when you return from work today you may discover it hasn't been emptied.  That's because the City of Shreveport's move to bi-weekly recycling begins today.

The City has signed a contract with a new provider: Republic Services, a Fortune 500 company that serves 41 states and Puerto Rico.  The company operates 193 active landfills and 67 recycling centers across the country.  The move by the City was necessitated when Pratt Industries, the current recycling services provider, announced that it could no longer sustain its operations in Shreveport when its contract ended this year.

Pratt Industries' departure begs the question: "Is recycling working for the City of Shreveport."  When the City began its "Just Curb It" recycling program back in 2011, its  stated goal was to divert 20 to 30 percent of waste from its landfills.  According to the latest audit, which occurred in 2015, only 8% of the City's trash is being diverted.

The cost for recycling will not change from its current rate of $2.50 per month, and your pick-up day will stay the same--trash will still be picked up weekly.  The same recyclable items will be collected in addition to one other: glass.  For a complete list of recyclable items, visit Republic Services web site.  (BTW--tried to find this information on the City of Shreveport web site, but it still lists Pratt Industries as its provider.)



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