Zachary Quinto, who played Spock, in the latest "Star Trek" movie is our Hump Day Hunk.


Quinto is from Pittsburgh and began acting in high school. He won Pittsburgh's Gene Kelly Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as the Major General in Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance."

He attended Carnegie Mellon University, where he continued acting and singing.

Acting Start

His first major TV role was as computer expert Adam Kaufman on the Fox series "24" during its third season.

He went on to portray serial killer Sylar on the science fiction series, "Heroes" until its cancellation in 2010.

His fans are referred to as "Sylar's Army" after his "Heroes" character.

To Boldly Go...

He was cast as the Vulcan Spock in the hugely successful franchise remake of Star Trek. He became close friends with co-stars Chris Pine and Karl Urban. He also befriended Leonard Nimoy who also played the iconic character in the movie (time travel!) and in the original TV Series.

Zachary Quinto 2

Quinto survived a serious car accident when he was just 16. One of his closest friends is his "Heroes" co-star Kristen Bell. He is also an activist. He supports LGBT events around the country. He's traveled to various states in support of President Barack Obama last year.