When Zion Williamson arrived in New Orleans, there was something waiting for him in his room from the one and only Drew Brees.

This just furthers Drew's greatness. I really don't think he can do any wrong.

In the video, it shows Zion walking into his room. When he turns the corner to the bedroom, awaiting him was an autographed Drew Brees jersey along with a personalized note that certainly gave me chills when he read it aloud. (I won't ruin that for you)

Zion says this is his first jersey from a professional athlete. And it's such a great welcoming gift from Drew! You can see the "WOW" in his face the whole time.

Also, can we note the computer that he pulls out of his pocket to take a picture? If it looks that big in his hands, it's gotta be a laptop, right?

The jersey reads, "To Zion - Passing the torch to you! Who Dat!" Signed by Drew himself.

Zion asks the question out loud, "Am I ready to take that on?" Followed by his answer, "I'm ready. Let's do it."

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