The whole “Let’s turn a James Bond movie into a game thing” rarely works out well. We can’t even remember a decent one since GoldenEye 007  for the Nintendo 64 was the dorm game du jour back in 1997. Activision, though, isn’t ready to banish the franchise the way it did Guitar Hero. Instead of backing off on Bond movie games, it’s making a game about six Bond flicks.

Due out in the fall, 007 Legends will tie together various chapters of the womanizing, gadget-happy secret agent’s exploits, wrapping up with the upcoming film Skyfall. Activision isn’t saying which movies it’s using yet.

Two flavors of multiplayer — online and couch-friendly split-screen — will be there, and single-player special-ops missions that let you play as villains. We just hope we get to play as Octopussy so we have an excuse to say we played with “Octopussy.”

[Via Joystiq]