Did Danny McBride Really Make a ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Sequel?
It started late last Friday, when People magazine ran a mysterious teaser for Dundee — a sequel to Paul Hogan’s classic Crocodile Dundee movies, starring Danny McBride as the American son of the titular Aussie hero. With little else to go on and with McBride premiering a film at Sundan…
Report: Amazon Might Dump Woody Allen’s New Movie
As the #MeToo movement continues to swell, familiar allegations against a prolific director have resurfaced — and this time, Hollywood is listening. Dylan Farrow recently gave her first television interview to reiterate longstanding accusations that her father, Woody Allen, sexually assaulted…
Bristol's Babies: Meet Babygirl
Look at that sweet, sweet face! Now that you've fallen in love, it's time to meet Babygirl who is at Pet Savers Shreveport waiting for you to take her home!

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