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Conserva Irrigation FAQ
Q: Why does my sprinkler system continually run?
A: We’ve found that one of two scenarios is happening when a system runs continually.
Human error in programming the controller. Many customers get confused by the Start Time functionality and accidentally program in multiple start times…
Conserve Water with Conserva Irrigation
Your lawn and landscape play a very important role in the ecosystem of your local environment.

Grass reduces carbon dioxide (a known greenhouse gas) by converting it to oxygen.
The temperature of a lush, green lawn is 14 degrees cooler, on average, than a bare patch of soil
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Conserva Irrigation’s Services
Our promise to you:
✓ We will behave in a professional manner, listen to your concerns and stay until you are satisfied. Our technicians always arrive in clearly marked uniforms and vehicles and on time.
✓ We will always find new ways to maximize your system’s efficiency...

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