Google has put its innovative Google Glass on the market for a one-day only sale. We might consider dropping the $1,500 entry cost if it could do the following things.

Think about how much more fun meetings would be if you could 'pause' them and mess with the presenter. Or if you could 'mute' someone who is annoying you. Or if you didn't have to touch the toilet flusher!

  • 1

    Flush Toilets

    Nobody likes touching anything in public bathrooms, so this one is at the top of our 'want' list. Just imagine: a way to be courteous to other people AND avoid germs.

    Photo: Justin Massoud
  • 2

    Pick Out the Healthiest Snack Foods

    A vending machine is a jock's best friend. Our's is no different. Of course, picking out the best snacks and drinks isn't always a priority in the fast-paced, high-pressure world of radio. Imagine if Google Glass could make the best choices for us.

    Photo: Justin Massoud
  • 3

    Mute Annoying Co-Workers

    Ever have someone at work who is intentionally trying to irritate you? How great would it be if Google Glass could put them on mute temporarily -- or permanently!

    Photo: Justin Massoud
  • 4

    Pause Meetings So You Can Prank Co-Workers

    This one might be a stretch (even for Google). We've all been in meetings that just drag on and on...and on! What if you could pause them and play a prank on unwitting co-workers?

    Wait, Google Glass is able to file for unemployment, right?

    Photo: Justin Massoud