Since spring and tornado season is fast approaching, today is a significant anniversary in the annals of the twister.

March 18, 1925: This was the day 86 years ago that the great Tri-State Tornado struck the central U.S. This tornado still stands today as the single most destructive in life and property known. 695 people lost their lives, and some 1,900 injured in this event.

The great twister formed in Reynolds County, Missouri about 1:00 pm, and moved in a straight and continuous path east-northeast across Illinois, then dissipated near Princeton, Indiana around 4:30 pm.

The path was 219 miles and the width was an astonishing mile to a mile & a half! It was amazingly fast, moving 65 mph early on, speeding up to 73 mph in Indiana. The towns of DeSoto, Gorham, & Parrish in Illinois and Griffin, Indiana were practically wiped out.

Because of the potential for this type of event. now would be a great time to bring family members together and create a plan of action. Even though a storm like Tri-State is a rare occurence, it is desirable to BE PREPARED for any storm!