Summers, in my house have always contained a pilgrimage to the 7-Eleven for an Icee in a Big Gulp cup. But something so strange has been added to a few 7-Elevens in Europe and Asia, that it would be sad if it didn't arrive on the shores of the USA.

To what am I referring? The Mashed Potato Vending Machine. This machine is like a the potato version of the coffee vending machines. It drops a cup, adds powered potatoes, hot water, stirs it and even tops it off with gravy. How much more convenient does a mid afternoon, carb-loaded snack get?

And how much would you pay for a hot steaming up of mashed potatoes? Pocket change? Then you are in luck, it only charges $1 or $2. Team that up with a Big Gulp Icee and you have a lunch for under $5.

So what does it taste like? I have no idea, but in my never ending quest for gastronomic perfection, the product, at least looks like potatoes and much have some semblance to actual potatoes.

At this point, The Mashed Potato Vending Machine isn't something you will see in many stores in the USA. However, with Thanksgiving on the way, this could be a a great idea. Time will tell.