Times sure have changed. One of the best TV shows that features the changes our society has made is the show "Modern Family." I'm calling this a "Modern Marine Homecoming" in honor of that.
Since the abolishment of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in the US Military homosexual men and women, who have fought and continue to fight for OUR freedom, finally have the simple freedom to be who they are and not have to live a lie. US Marine Brandon Morgan is one such individual.

Morgan posted this photo on the Gay Marine Facebook Group of him and his boyfriend upon his arrival. It's a sweet and tender moment that when I first saw it, I didn't notice two men. I noticed two people in love that were so overjoyed to be in one another's arms again.

The photo was posted Saturday and already it has over 30,000 likes, 7,400 comments and over 5,500 shares.

What do you think? Is this just too much? Should these two have waited for the privacy of their own home to express their relief of being together again? Or is it a beautiful moment that shows us love is truly the only thing that matters?