Well, it was bound to happen. Since there are so many iPods and iPhones out there and a lot of people have the ability to plug it into their car, when they are driving, it was just a matter of time before Apple found a way to get your Smartphone to drive your car.


Apple just obtained 21 patents related to a wireless remote control that mounts to a steering wheel

So, we get the idea of GPS getting you from place to place with driving directions and knowing what traffic problems could arise, including alternate routes, but what has not been answered is how will you not hit someone else? Seeing as how you can can change music, surf the web and update your Facebook, it looks like Apple has found a way to allow us a take our eyes off the road to send a text. According to Patently Apple, it seems they have figured out all the answers to all of our question...if you can figure out how to make the schematic work.
What is amazing about Apple, they can get your car to drive, but where is the Apple TV...you can bet that is coming soon.