If you ever have one of those days when you wonder if your best years are behind you? If you have, I have news for your...the answer is yes they are....and no they aren't.

So before you start scratching your head, it turns out your life peaks twice, according to the London School of Economics. Surprisingly , there is a point in your life, when you're too young to realize how good you have it  and that is around the age of 23.

Then you hit another peak in you life when you're old enough to realize your most miserable days are just ahead of you. That happens around the age of 69. (Ironically,  the age that Dennis Farina was when he died earlier today.)

You may have suspected, in your early 20s, you still have all that optimism and hope for the future. Plus you still look great, and can jump out of bed after having 15 drinks the night before.

In your late 60s, you find some contentment and come to terms with your regrets. You also appreciate the health you've got

Unfortunately, in order for the good feelings to arrive you have to go through some pretty bad stuff, like dealing with you life, when you are miserable in you mid-50s. But that isn't as bad as when you are at your most miserable at the age of 75.

So when you think you couldn't feel worse, take a moment and realize...you could, in fact, feel worse.