So, what's the difference between a new box of Twinkies and a box that's six years old? Tastewise, probably nothing. But a Mineola, Texas man is hoping that his six year old Twinkies (sounds like an insult, doesn't it?) can bring him a few bucks on Craigslist.

"It's a collector's item," says Mineola's Mike Garret, of his Twinkies "Transformers" limited edition box. "It's been in my Mother-In-Law's pantry, untouched and unopened since 2007."

But Garrett tells NewsRadio 710 KEEL he's also willing to consider a trade for the 72 month old and still probably spongy cakes. “So far, I have been offered fast food meals. One guy offered me a wooden ammo box with all kinds of surprises inside. I’m just holding out to see what I can get because it’s just fun.  Who knows what someone will offer me."

And considering Twinkies reputation as the food that lasts forever, does Garrett think they're still as fresh as new? “I’m not going to put it out there to say that these are edible Twinkies. I don’t know," he told KEEL, "It could be perfect zombie apocalypse food. If someone buys them and wants to eat them…that's on them."