The third Monday in January has been a controversial holiday in Arkansas.  For most of the United States this day is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  In Arkansas, it was also the day of a statewide celebration honoring Robert E Lee.  To say that things were tense is an understatement.

According to KSLA, Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed a bill yesterday that would effectively end the statewide celebration commemorating Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee on the same day most of the country celebrates a slain civil rights hero.  Not only did he sign it, he spearheaded the campaign - even pushing his colleagues to support the change.

Don't get me wrong, celebrating the confederate general's life and positive influence he may have had to your state is totally ok.  Just pick a date that isn't so inherently insulting.  I realize that his birthday is January 17th, but let's at least try to get along.