Today marks Robert and Erin's 10th anniversary as the morning show on 96.5 KVKI. To celebrate the momentous occasion, we've compiled some of the best moments from the Robert and Erin morning show.

Check out the funny videos, gut-busting on-air moments and jaw-dropping pictures that have left Shreveport-Bossier listeners gasping for air for the past decade. Here's to 10 more glorious years of radio for Robert and Erin!

Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon hypnotizes Erin into believing she's former WWE wrestler Steve Williams (AKA Dr. Death)...while he's in the studio with them!

During this bit, stage hypnotist and motivational speaker Ricky Kalmon joined Robert and Erin to talk about his work. The master hypnotist also provided a little demonstration of his power.

Kalmon managed to hypnotize Erin into thinking she was Dr. Death even though the real Dr. Death, Steve Williams, was sitting right beside her! Who knew Erin had such a potty mouth!

Audio of Erin hypnotized into thinking she was Dr. Death Steve Williams

Erin tells Dr. Jason Maggio that she hurt her back by getting a pedicure

Erin provided a...unique explanation for hurting her back last year: that somehow, someway she hurt it while receiving a relaxing pedicure.

Frequent guest of the show Dr. Jason Maggio was nearly speechless, admitting he'd never heard such an excuse. And keep in mind, he's treated Olympic athletes including Shreveport native Kendrick Farris.

Audio of Erin explaining her back injury to Robert and Dr. Maggio

Robert and Erin interview Bill Cosby

Robert and Erin interviewed the inimitable TV star and comedian Bill Cosby. Suffice to say, it was interesting -- especially when he broke out his trademark humor over growing old.

Listen to Robert and Erin's interview with Bill Cosby

Robert and Erin Train for the 2012 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Erin helped whip Robert into shape before last year's Race for the Cure despite a friendly little wager. "This is a race for the cure, not a race to the bar," Erin yelled through a megaphone as Robert powerwalked in front of the KVKI studios. Watch the funny video below.

See some great pictures of Robert and Erin from the last 10 years below