OK, as you might have heard, my favorite bra is damaged. I've been nursing it along for a few weeks because I love it. But it's time to hang it out to dry. I bit the dust and went shopping for some new bras. I do have a few tips if you need to get some bras.

I try to shop in stores that carry several different lines. The styles vary so much and some have underwire, some don't. Some have nicely formed padding while other bras have padding you know will self destruct after a few washings. I tried on at least 20 different bras. The first thing is to figure out what size you should be wearing. That is critical because more than 60% of women are wearing the wrong size!!

photo by Erin McCarty

Then you have to decide if you want padding or not. I'm one that wants a little padding so nothing is see-through (if you get my drift). The next big decision has to do with underwire. I have some friends who would never wear underwire. There are several new versions that have something like underwire, but it's not. You might want to check those out.

The next big choice is style. Do you want pretty and sexy or something more conventional. They even have bras that claim to smooth out your "back fat". I don't buy that claim, but good try.

If you find a great bra that fits and you feel good in, you should buy at least 2 of them. It might cost a bundle, but you will be glad you bought them if you really love them.