Paul McCartney Wows Crowd
For the lucky thousands who got to see Paul McCartney perform at the CenturyLink Center, Sir Paul did not disappoint.
The show started a few minutes late (at about 8:15), but the former Beatle played for a solid 3 hours! He did many of the classic Beatles tunes including: Can’t Buy Me…
Will SXSW Leave Texas?
It should come as no surprise that the week long dip into the deep end of the hip pool is coveted across the land. Other cities would like to have the precious, and are using the controversial new "Anti-sanctuary city" law, also known as SB4 to further their means.
Katy Perry Brings Her North American Tour to Dallas and New Orleans
Katy Perry has been a busy, busy girl! Not only are we hearing she's a front runner as the head judge for the new American Idol, she also announced this morning that she's not only heading to Dallas, she's also heading to New Orleans... that's TWO shows for Katy Kats within drivi…

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