We've have a few instances of rubbing elbows with celebrities. And every now and then, you will find one that has had a little too many adult beverages.

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I remember seeing Roberta Flack perform at the Strand Theatre many years ago. She had a big goblet of wine sitting on a stool next to her. By the time the concert was over, she was plastered. She did manage to finish the show, but it was not her best effort. Robert has a couple of stories about celebrities smashed. George Carlin was once so wasted backstage that he could barely stand-up. He staggered onstage and spent 45 minutes leaning against a stool reading jokes from a notebook. He also met Eddie Money and found him nearly passed out in the lobby of a radio station. KVKI listeners called in to tell us about drunken encounters with William Shatner, John Goodman and several others. Do you have a drunken celebrity story?