Halloween candy can be addicting and if it sits around the house, I'll eat it. So the best thing to do is find another use for it. 

Here are some suggestions for getting rid of the sugary treats that you really don't want your children to gobble up.


1. Science Experiments

Use that leftover candy to teach children about science. You could melt Starbursts or Tootsie Rolls. You could also try dissolving a pack of Skittles in water and watch a rainbow show up. Check out the Candy Experiments website to get other ideas.

2. Donate to the Troops

We still have thousands of troops overseas and they would like nothing more than a big box of treats. Several groups will take your candy, box it up and ship it to our troops.  Operation Gratitude is one agency that can help.

3. Use It for Crafts

You can actually use the candy to make crafts for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can make Thanksgiving decorations like wreaths and centerpieces.

4. Donate to shelters

Budgets are tight at most local shelters and they can always use treats for residents.