One of the most annoy things in life is waiting. Waiting in line, waiting while you travel, and even for packages to arrive. The British auction site called Anyvan, has determined that people spend almost 10 weeks of their life waiting for things to be delivered.

What I don't think anyone was aware of is how many deliveries we actually receive per year.

  • The norm is six deliveries a year
  • Of those people who have been expecting the package to arrive, 18% of people have taken time off of work to meet the delivery guy.
  • THEN they have to wait five and a half hours on average for him to show up.

That adds up to 33 hours a year, which is 69 days over a person's lifetime.

If you want to get a good way to think about this, 69 days is the length of time the Chilean miners were trapped underground. Neither one sounds like a lot of fun.