According to some residents, there's a rash of dog kidnapping happening in the Shreveport-Bossier area.

WARNING: Reports of a red truck/jeep, woman driving, is stealing dogs. First reported in Benton, it is believed she is now in the South Highlands area and stole a dog near Fairfield and Linden. Hopefully a police report is being made. The last incident is this dog, missing for 2 days now. Eye witness states he saw this woman and truck/jeep steal this dog that has a collar with name and number. Owner hasn't been called.

Some say the thief or thieves are then selling the dogs on Craigslist.

Witnesses believe the same vehicle was used to try to steal a Yorkie out of a front yard in Benton. A neighbor saw her and stopped her before she got the dog in the car. That was one month ago.

Now, they seemed to have moved to Shreveport. I am hearing reports of such from this South Highlands area, Southern Hills, West Shreveport and a possible close call in Broadmoor.

One owner who's dog O (yes, that's his name) is missing and may have been kidnapped has created a Facebook page called "Find O" to help gather leads and get the word out. A $5,000 reward is being offered.