Monroe's Willie Robertson, one of the stars of A&E's hit show, 'Duck Dynasty', turned up on the Fox News network and addressed rumors that he's being urged to run for political office and other hot topics.

Robertson's appearance on Fox News' 'The Five' was marked by his comments on a number of hot topics. On gun control: 'I'm okay with background checks. I own a lot of weapons and I have to fill out a lot of paperwork every time.'

Backs Jindal in 2016

Willie also said he was offended by President Obama's statement about conservative voters 'who cling to their guns or religion'. He also touted Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for President in 2016, saying, 'He's my guy'.

'I'm kind of busy...'

And on his own political future, Robertson would neither confirm nor deny whether he'd make a run for the US Congress. But he did say, 'I'm kind of busy right now.' And regarding the show's huge success? Said Willie, 'It' funny and promotes family values'.