Newlywed, Reese Witherspoon, is going to be having a very messy Easter this year. She lives on a California ranch with her new husband, Jim Toth, her 2 kids and....21 chickens. She's decided to get creative with the plethora of eggs this year by trying to come up with fun Easter games to play. Her favorite is filling as many eggs as you can into a sock, then running a race, and whoever finishes with the most "whole" eggs, wins. She says "It's actually super fun, because the adults get competitive. We started whacking each other's shins and ankles, grabbing each other, taking each other down. Especially me, because I'm a little bit competitive. Literally, it's disgusting. And it smells like rotten eggs for about three weeks. But it's fun."

I'll trust you on that, Reese...that will NOT be happening in Heflin this year, believe that! hehe