Nestled in the backwoods of Farmerville, LA is the beautiful, newly renovated bed and breakfast at Edgewood Plantation. I have had the priviledge of seeing Edgewood blossom from practically nothing to the gorgeous B&B it is today. I've also had the privilege of experiencing some paranormal activity with the unseen guests that live there: the spirits of Edgewood Plantation.

The last time I visited Edgewood Plantation was back on October 15, 2011 when the paranormal group I'm with, LaSpirits, was there investigating alongside a group of students from Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC). This night happened to coincide with the death of one of the previous occupants, Mrs. Nancy Jane Baughman. We found this out the night we arrived.

Edgewood B & B Renovation

As we were all standing there listening to the history being told by the current owners, I was standing away from the group in the doorway of the room everyone was in. As I listened, I heard what sounded like a man moan from one of the other rooms.

I quickly pulled Bess Maxwell, a fellow paranormal investigator, out of the room to come with me to see if there was anyone else in the house that we missed.  We checked every room, including the porch and the grounds. Nobody else was present. It left us scratching our heads.

However, the strangest thing that happened that night occurred when we were all gathered in the Baughman family cemetery, located just across the street from Edgewood Plantation. This wasn't your ordinary cemetery. Mrs. Baughman had elaborate cement pillars and trellises created, plus several areas where one could sit and "visit" Mr. Baughman --something she did did everyday until her death. According to some people, she brought her lunch out there and sat for hours. She was truly in love with her husband until her dying day. But did it end there?

As the group got settled and quiet, Bess Maxwell set out her two small flashlights in hopes that someone would use them to talk. One by one, we all asked questions out loud in the hope that our digital recorders would catch an answer back in the form of an Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP.

Shortly after we started asking questions, the flashlights were flipping on and off. When we would ask for the lights to be turned back off, they slowly dimmed until they were completely out. And when we asked for one particular flashlight to be turned on and off, it did.

I was standing very close to the flashlights when I asked aloud, "Mrs. Baughman, how much did you love your husband?" No sooner had I asked that one flashlight grew very bright. I was immediately overcome by the worst sadness a person could ever feel. I tried to stand there longer, but the feeling was too much.  I had to leave the area for a short time just to collect myself. I never want to feel that kind of sadness ever again in my lifetime. I imagined that was how I would feel if my husband were to go before me: complete loss and devastation.

After that, we tried to make contact again to no avail.  It must've upset her too much to be reminded again. I still feel bad for her and always will. In my opinion and the opinion of LaSpirits, yes, Edgewood Plantation and cemetery are "haunted." What do you think?