So, the Christmas music on KVKI is getting me in the mood for the Holidays. BUT, hold on a minute.  Let's have Thanksgiving dinner first.  And we need a really delicious and special dessert for Turkey Day.  So here's the story of my peanut butter pie.

When I was in college at Liberty University from 1979-1983,  Dr. Jerry Falwell was in full swing as a controversial televangelist and I rather enjoyed his outspoken personality.

But one thing he said a few times from the pulpit was that he "loved peanut butter pie."   Now,  I had never even heard of the dessert,  but he made it sound so delicious that I always wanted to try it.

So,  a few years after I graduated I met a friend when I was attending graduate school at Auburn University.  Chris was a student and we ended up being friends. ( She actually married my brother).   But her mother,  had this recipe for peanut butter pie.  FINALLY, there it was just for the making.  And we made two pies one night, and I'll never get over the taste.

I see why Dr. Falwell often talked about how much he loved peanut butter pie.

So,  here's the recipe I got from Chris's mother down in Auburn, Alabama.

It's really easy and no bake.

Ingredients for one pie:

  • 1  6 or 8 oz. package of cream cheese
  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • 1 cup of confection sugar (powdered)
  • 1 cup of regular sugar
  • 1 10 or 12  oz. container of cool whip
  • 1 graham cracker pie crust

Mix the cream cheese with the peanut butter, add the powered sugar and granulated sugar, mix really well, then pour in the cool whip.

Stir it up well then pour into the graham cracker pie crust.  Let set in refrigerator over night.  You can even add chocolate or cool whip to the top as a garnish.

And there you go,  a good ole southern peanut butter  pie from Virginia,  to Alabama, to Shreveport.   For other recipes,  google peanut butter pie.