Tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd, is election day here in Louisiana.

It's the day we get to make our voice heard in the game of politics.

If you're not sure where to go, check out before you head out in the morning.

Polls are open from 6am to 8pm... Then, after polls close, Ally will be checking in with John Lee from our sister station KEEL for results.

The Caddo Parish Registrar also has these tips:

  • KNOW WHERE TO GO VOTE- It is elemental but it accounts for 90% of our election day calls at the Registrar of Voters office. “Where do I vote?” is the question of the day. For early voting the answer is simple: 525 Marshall Street at the corner of Milam and Marshall and look for the long line at the Registrar’s office. On election day you can find your polling place by checking the Poll Locator at and entering your name as registered and your date of birth. You’ll find your polling place location, party affiliation, a map to your precinct and even a sample ballot.
  • KNOW WHAT IS ON THE BALLOT: All Caddo voters will vote on the President and U.S. Senate election, constitutional amendments and parish charter propositions. Some voters will vote on District Judge and a few will vote on the Ward 6 Constable race. All of these election are open primary and you can cross party lines in voting.
  • KNOW WHAT IS CLOSED PRIMARY: The runoff elections for U.S. Congress are CLOSED primary and here is how it works: Republicans can only vote on Republican candidates and Democrats, No party voters, other party voters and voters who are “independents” can only vote on the Democratic party candidates in the runoff. Libertarians, Green and Reform party members do NOT have a Congressional party runoff and cannot vote in the Republican or Denocratic party runoff.
  • Finally, take your photo i.d. regardless of where you vote. If your precinct has a letter on it like A or B then, make sure you get into the correct line. Numerous polling places have multiple precincts inside. Sites like Huntington High, Byrd Learning Center, Grace Church, Northwood High, Holy Trinity Lutheran  and many others have at least two lines for voters. Make sure you know your precinct number and get in the correct line.