It's Friday AND it's a new month. What does that mean? I will be receiving my 'Style Box' from the Favorite Sisters' Boutique any minute now!! Can't wait!

I just love the Favorite Sisters' Boutique and they take care of me. I always go in and find cute outfits for any occasion. Or in this case, I just open up my 'Style Box' to see what they've picked out for me. It's like Christmas every month!

I wonder if it will be a skirt? A dress? Cute accessories? I'm sure it will be cute and stylish!

But I promise I will wait to open my 'Style Box' with you. Video coming soon!

Favorite Sisters' Boutique

Favorite Sisters’ Boutique, located in the Southfield Shopping Center in Shreveport, is sassy and hot, local, super-friendly, stylish and unique. They offer online shopping, text to win opportunities, a monthly-mailed style box with fashions customized to suit you personally. Visit their website for more info on their great deals.