I haven't had my hair cut in about a year. It's just not one of those things I consider a priority. But I am trying to change that.Grace Ann Blake, the Owner of Avalon Hair Salon on Youree Drive, talked me into coming in this week to get a new 'do. She's never steered me wrong. So I show up at about 1:30 to get started.

She always asks, "what do you want me to do?" My answer is always the same: "whatever you think is best." I am an easy client. It really doesn't matter to me how you do my hair.

I'm so used to pulling it up into a ponytail and getting on with the day. She whacked off 6-8 inches, before putting some white goop on it with those little foil wraps (I'm sure it's way more technical than this).

Grace Ann told me we were going back to "my natural color" with "a few fall highlights." I promised her I would be back before Christmas!

What do you think? Here's a before and after comparison.