This has been one incredible week. The day at the beach was spectacular!  As you can see from these pics, the water was cyrstal clear.  You could see the bottom in 4-feet-deep water.  I've been to the Gulf dozens of time, and I have never seen it like this.

In fact, we talked to one man who says it hasn't been this clear in 25 years!!  I actually got my crew up to go look at the sunrise and then we had a big breakfast, took a short nap and were back out at the beach.  It was so fantastic.  I've gone through 2 bottles of Bull Frog sunblock and some of my friends face block in addition to my Mary Kay sunblock for the face.  I'll probaby be mooching more sunblock for today if mine runs out.  I'm not burned and I sure don't want to get that way. 

Let me tell you the story about dinner.  We went on Becki's Big Adventure.  Traffic was pretty hectic, but we decided to check out the Mellow Mushroom for pizza.  Of course, I have to order something weird...I love anchovies and wanted some.  So I order a small one.  When it gets to the table....I take a bite and feel tiny bones going down my throat.  One gets stuck and I am sure I'll need the Heinekin Maneuver!!  But I flush it away with water.  We ask for the manager....and I tell him his anchovies are dangerous!! So my meal (the one slice I ate) is free.

Now the adventure begins!! On our drive back, we must stop for ice cream and Kahlua (we have to have more mudslides).  No one tells us our driver can't really see good at night!  I think we went down a wrong way street, drove on 2 curbs, and cut off numerous cars and we were sober!! But we laughed and carried on like we were college kids.  There is nothing better than a vacation with good friends.