Former Saints wide receiver Joe Horn, touring the Shreveport - Bossier area promoting his newest business venture, Bayou 87 barbecue sauce, visited the Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty at the 96.5 KVKI studios Thursday morning.

Horn, who played with New Orleans from 2000 to 2006 and still holds the team record for touchdown receptions with 50, discussed a number of topics with Robert and Erin, including:

Getting to the NFL - 'I didn't play a down of football for two years after leaving college (Itawamba Community College in Mississippi). I was down to my last $6 and went into a local Blockbuster for a cold drink. I saw a Jerry Rice workout tape for $3.99. I copied the drills and moves he performed in the film, made a video of myself and started sending it out. I got a tryout with Memphis in the Canadian League.'

The recent NFL 'safety oriented' rules changes - 'When I went to the NFL I knew I'd probably suffer concussions, knee injuries, whatever. The problem I have is going to to sidelines after getting hit in the head, somebody gives you smelling salts and waves some fingers in front of you, then shoves you back onto the field.'

His famous 'cell phone call' touchdown celebration - 'It was against the Giants in 2003. I didn't get a chance to talk to my son before we left, so I told my wife to tell him I'd do something special for him during the game.'

In addition to the Saints, Horn played for Kansas City (1996 - 99) and Atlanta (2007). He was also selected to play in four Pro Bowls.

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