Look how far we have come...or should I say, how far we have fallen. Designer Melissa Kit Chow has created something for the Facebook Obsessed...it is called a 'Like-A-Hug" Vest.

This new fashion item works wirelessly with Facebook. It inflates and "hugs" the wearer for every "like" they receive on the site.

The idea is to "feel the warmth, encouragement, support, or love" in a realistic sense similar to a hug. "Hugs" may also be sent back, by squeezing the vest and deflating it.

Now, I am a cynic, but nature, so when I saw this, the first thing that came to mind was that you should have a pair of pants that would compliment this vest. What it would do is kick your @ss every time you get a "Hug" from a Facebook "Like", reminding you that you wasted money on this ridiculous product.

While I am at it, I figure, since there is a sucker born every minutes, here are some other ideas for more ridiculous products:

  • The "Pin" it wallet: Every time you get pinned on Pinterest, your wallet injects your skin with a pin prick.
  • The "Share" Ring: Every time anything that you have a post shared, your ring lights up with a variety of colors, depending on where you are "shared".
  • The "Tweet" Chain: Every time you get mentioned on Twitter, your key chain will chirp like a bird
  • The "Meme" shirt: Anytime there is a new Meme on the web that everyone is talking about, now you can have a shirt that will change to the digital image, as soon as it becomes an internet sensation, you will too.
  • The "UnFriend" Finder: Nothing says, "I don't like you" like a good unfriending. Now you can find new friends with losers like yourself, who have also been "Unfriended".  (Sadly, there was a website called UnFriendFinder.com, but it was shut down, because of copyright enfringement)