The National Enquirer is reporting that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are headed for a divorce.



The report says it will be a pricey split, close to $135 million dollars. The tabloid claims the country stars’ 16-year marriage has hit “rock bottom amid furious clashes and suspected infidelities.” According to the Enquirer, “the couple’s life has turned into a battlefield, and now Tim is threatening to walk for good.” The magazine claims to have “uncovered the sensational details of the conflict that’s left the superstar couple’s marriage and their $135 million empire hanging by a thread.”


That's the big problem with this story, it's just speculation with no sources being named. Anonymous insiders give details claiming Hill and McGraw are jealous of each other and perpetually fighting over perceived flirtations.  You won't find any secret meetings with divorce lawyers, no specific evidence of cheating, no indication of a timetable for a breakup. A spokesman for Hill scoffed at the latest Enquirer report. And McGraw’s rep added that the claims were “totally false and ridiculous.”