Top earning dead celebs. Who would you think is on the top five list? Well, not Marilyn Monroe or John Lennon. So, how many can you name...and exactly how much cash do they bring in for their surviving relatives?

5) Bob Marley Not a big money maker in life, but in death he's quite diversified, including Marley Beverage and House of Marley (audio company). Selling 75 millions albums over two decades hasn't hurt either.

4) Elizabeth Taylor Made more than $135 million last year, including a series of high profile jewelry auctions and at least $30 million more in White Diamond fragrance sales.

3) Charles Schulz The Peanuts comic strip creator topped the $150 million mark with combined merchandise, book sales and character marketing.

2) Elvis Presley Thanks to an eternally popular image and music sales, The King made about $200 million last year, and that's before counting the money from the annual 600,000 tours of Graceland.

1) Michael Jackson It wasn't music sales that brought the King of Pop the bulk of lat year's nearly $300 million. It was his music publishing empire, including rights to hits by The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Eminem.